Top 16 Honda CB500F Image

Top 16 Honda CB500F Image

Honda CB500F is a popular motorcycle model that has captured the hearts of riders with its sleek design and impressive performance.

As one of the top contenders in the middleweight sports bike market, the CB500F has gained a strong following due to its versatility, reliability, and affordability.

In this article, we have curated the top 16 images of the Honda CB500F that showcase its stunning design, powerful engine, and advanced features.

Whether you are a dedicated Honda fan or simply a motorcycle enthusiast, join us on a visual journey to explore the top 16 Honda CB500F images that will leave you in awe.

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Honda CB500F

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The Honda CB500F is a naked motorcycle that has gained popularity for its versatile design, robust performance, and comfortable ride.

It is a part of the CB series, which has been a flagship for Honda’s lineup of motorcycles for many years.

First introduced in 2013, the CB500F has undergone several updates and upgrades to keep up with changing trends and technologies in the motorcycling world.

As a mechanical engineer, one of the most impressive aspects of the CB500F is its powerful and efficient engine.

It is equipped with a liquid-cooled 471cc parallel-twin engine that produces a respectable 47 horsepower and 31 lb-ft of torque.

This engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission and has a smooth and responsive throttle. The parallel-twin design provides a perfect balance of power delivery and fuel efficiency, making the CB500F an ideal choice for both city riding and long-distance trips.

The chassis and suspension of the CB500F have been engineered to offer a comfortable and agile riding experience.

It has a diamond-type steel frame that is lightweight yet robust, providing the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility.

The suspension setup consists of a 41mm telescopic fork at the front and a Pro-Link monoshock at the rear, both providing excellent handling and control on various terrains.

The bike also has dual-channel ABS as standard, ensuring safe and confident braking.

As a naked bike, the CB500F has a minimalistic and functional design. The round LED headlights, along with the compact instrument cluster, give the bike a sleek and modern look.

The upright riding posture and wide handlebars provide a comfortable and relaxed riding position, making it ideal for long rides.

The bike also has a generous fuel tank capacity of 16.7 liters, allowing for extended riding without frequent fuel stops.

As a mechanical engineer, I appreciate the attention given to the details in the CB500F. The bike has a low-friction-design that reduces energy losses and increases fuel efficiency.

It also has a slipper clutch that reduces the effort required to pull the clutch lever, making it easier to ride in heavy traffic conditions.

Honda has also incorporated a torque limiter to prevent wheel hop during aggressive downshifts.

Specifications of Honda CB500F

The Honda CB500F is a popular middle-weight motorcycle designed for riders who enjoy a balance of power and agility. As a mechanical engineer, let’s take a closer look at the specifications of this bike.

  1. Engine: The CB500F is equipped with a liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with a displacement of 471 cc. It produces a maximum power of 47 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and a peak torque of 31.7 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission and uses Honda’s PGM-FI fuel injection system.
  2. Frame and Suspension: The CB500F has a steel diamond-tube frame that offers a good balance between rigidity and agility. It also features a sporty, low seat height of 30.7 inches, making it suitable for riders of all sizes. The suspension system consists of telescopic front forks and a Pro-Link rear monoshock, both with adjustable preload.
  3. Brakes: The CB500F is equipped with a 320 mm single disc brake at the front and a 240 mm disc brake at the rear. It also features an ABS system, which provides confident braking performance in all road conditions.
  4. Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank has a capacity of 16.7 liters, which gives the bike a decent range for long rides.
  5. Weight: The CB500F has a curb weight of 413 pounds, making it a lightweight and maneuverable bike.
  6. Tires: The CB500F comes with 120/70-17 front and 160/60-17 rear tires, which offer good traction and stability on both city streets and open roads.
  7. Instrumentation: The bike features a digital LCD instrument cluster that displays essential information such as speed, rpm, fuel level, gear position, and more. It also includes a gear shift indicator that helps the rider find the most fuel-efficient gear.
  8. Styling: The CB500F has a sleek and aggressive design, with sharp lines and a sporty look. It is available in various color options, including Matte Black, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Pearl Metalloid White.
  9. Fuel Efficiency: The CB500F boasts impressive fuel efficiency, with an average of 65 miles per gallon. This makes it an ideal choice for daily commuting and long rides.
  10. Price: The pricing for the CB500F starts at $6,699, making it an affordable option for riders looking for a middle-weight motorcycle with a balance of performance and value.


In conclusion, the Honda CB500F remains a top choice for riders looking for a versatile and reliable motorcycle.

With its sleek design, powerful engine, and advanced features, it continues to impress both beginners and experienced riders alike.

The top 16 images of this model showcase its impressive performance, agile handling, and modern styling.

Whether you’re a commuter, weekend rider, or an adventure seeker, the Honda CB500F is a fantastic option that offers a perfect balance of comfort and performance.

With its latest updates and improvements, it’s clear that this iconic motorcycle will continue to dominate the roads for years to come.

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